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Soft Skills.

Hard Skills.

Elevate your value in the workplace.

Using Meta Quest 2 technology, we help 

communication skills.jpg

Improve your communication skills involving co-workers and customers

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Improve your interviewing skills


Track your training progress 


Provide job skills coaching as you train


Record your experiences in virtual reality to show employers and boost your chances of getting hired

Why Virtual Reality Training?

1. Help get a job
2. Help maintain a job 

Virtual reality training gives the user an opportunity to practice a variety of workplace situations without having the need to experience it in real life first. The user gets the "feel" of a real life simulated environment, and has the freedom to practice particular skills without risk. Actions and results can be tracked, allowing for analysis, growth, and improvement in job skills. Lastly, Virtual Reality Job Training can be used as a job seeking tool, as recorded experiences can be used as proof of qualification for a particular role during a job interview.


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