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How does this work?


Step 1: Meet your job trainer for an in-person demonstration. (free of charge)

You will receive a phone call to schedule an in-person demonstration meeting with your job trainer. An agreed upon location will be determined, and a job skills profile will be created to learn more about your goals. Some of the topics to be discussed include:

-What are your job goals?

-What skills would you like to improve?

-What does job success look like for you?

Step 2 : Second meeting with your job trainer

Based on your goals, your job trainer will assist you with getting set up using the Meta Quest 2 Headset and job training software. You will then begin training. Your specialist will coach you throughout the module, while also analyzing and tracking your progress. If you choose, you can have your experience recorded and delivered to you, as an extra tool to help with getting hired on job interviews.

Step 3 : Third meeting with your job trainer and beyond

Your specialist will continue to assist you with various career development goals, providing feedback, and ensuring growth in employment skills.

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