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Introductory Course on Virtual Reality Technology

In-person 1:1 and Group Classes
Interactive with Instructor 
(Starting June 25th 2023)

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Introduction to Virtual Reality 101

-Learn the basics of VR with simple applications.
-Overview of VR hardware devices, such as meta quest 2 headset, haptic vests, accessories, controllers, and tracking systems.
-Exploring the diverse applications of virtual reality, such as gaming, education, and health.


Group and Individual Classes


Group Classes

  • 1 hour classes

  • Class size 4-12 Participants

  • Topic Discussion

  • Group Virtual Reality Technology Project and Team Exercises

Individual Classes

Upon Request
  • 1 hour classes

  • Topic Discussion

  • Virtual Reality Technology Project and 1:1 Exercises 



  • What is Virtual Reality Technology?

  • How do I use Virtual Reality Technology?

  • How can I apply Virtual Reality to my everyday life?

  • Industries that use Virtual Reality Technology

  • Haptic Devices

  • Virtual Reality Accesories

  • Virtual Reality Applications

  • Meta Quest Technology

  • Virtual Reality Brands

  • VR E-Sports

Group Class Schedule 2023-2024
Sundays 11-12pm

August 2023 - Haptic Devices and accessories 
September 2023- Haptic Devices and accessories
October 2023- Virtual Reality Applications
November 2023- Comparisons between Virtual Reality Brands
December 2023- Virtual Reality E-Sports


-Individual or Group Class (1x week per class)



These sessions are open to everyone. It can accommodate the needs of individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability. 

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