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In-person 1:1 and group classes
ACROSS ALL Age Groups 
(AGES 5 and ABOVE) 

Interactive with Instructor 

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Group Classes

  • 1 hour classes

  • Class size 4 Participants

  • Virtual Reality Simulations

  • Group Participation and Virtual Reality Activities

  • Pre and Post Assessments

  • Topic discussion 

Individual Classes

  • 1 Hour Class

  • Personalized Curriculum

  • Virtual Reality Simulations

  • Pre and Post Assessments

  • Virtual Reality Activities

  • Topic Discussion

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  • What is Virtual Reality Technology?

  • How do I use Virtual Reality Technology?

  • How can I apply Virtual Reality to my everyday life?

  • What skills can virtual reality technology help benefit?

  • What experiences can I explore with virtual reality technology?

  • VR headset and controllers

  •  Virtual Reality Applications

  • VR Cardboard Devices

  • Haptic Devices


                          -Individual or Group Class



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