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Group and Individual Classes
* * Indicates vocational focused

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Group Classes

  • 1 hour classes

  • Class size 4 Participants

  • Virtual Reality Simulations

  • Group Socialization and Social Skills Activities

  • Pre and Post Social Skill Assessments

  • Topic discussion 

Individual Classes

Upon Request
  • 1 Hour Class

  • Personalized Curriculum (can choose any topics individually)

  • Virtual Reality Simulations

  • Pre and Post Social Skill Assessments

  • Social Skills Activities

  • Topic Discussion



  • Clear communication

  • Active listening

  • Public Speaking and presentation skills

  • Understanding conflict

  • Resolving conflict

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Managing social anxiety

  • **Interview skills**

Group Class Schedule 2023-2024
Current classes Sundays 1:00pm-2:00pm

June 2023- Public speaking and Presentation skills
July 2023- Active listening
August 2023 - C
lear Communication
September 2023- Understanding conflict
October 2023- Resolving conflict
November 2023- Giving and receiving feedback
**December 2023- Interviewing skills**
January 2024- Managing Social Anxiety


-Individual or Group Class (1x week per class)



These sessions are open to everyone. It can accommodate the needs of individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability. 

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