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What are Virtual Reality Simulations?


Virtual reality simulations are immersive learning experiences inside a a virtual environment that emulates a particular real-life situation. Specialized hardware like headsets, controllers, and other accessories help to create engaging experiences in the fields of training and education.

Introduction to Virtual Reality

-Learn the basics of VR with various applications.

-Explore VR hardware devices, such as headsets, haptic vests, accessories, controllers, and tracking systems.

-Exploring the diverse applications of virtual reality, such as
education and health.

Using Virtual Reality Technology:


Learn to acknowledge and validate others emotions, and learning how to paraphrase and summarize others thoughts and opinions

Untitled design.png

Learn how to offer feedback and build trust in others

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Learn how to problem solve and create solutions between others


Using Virtual Reality Technology: 

communication skills.jpg

Improve your communication skills with virtual reality activities

interview skills.jpg

Learn various skills in an engaging environment


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